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I’m not sure if it’s love or lust, but I do want this rug very badly. So modern, and I love these sunny faces. It reminds me of the modern art my grandparents collected.

{la fonda del sol by FLOR

Cute colorful storage tubs.

{by tubtrugs}

Possibly too pretty to sit on.

{at anthropologie}

This might be the one item on this list I will definitely get. Solar powered nylon-covered LED party lanterns. I don’t know if I’m going to hang them from every tree in the yard or hang them from the ceiling inside, but I think this is the best idea. How pretty would these look at night around the picnic table??

{soji nylon solar lanterns at allsop home & garden}


I’m constantly on the lookout for good-looking storage to hide toys and assorted kid crappe. Unsightly Rubbermaid bins in each room are not an option.

I love this little walnut storage table. The top is chalkboard.

Cute little roll-top bench. You could really smash your little fingers in this one.

My favorite part of this is the orange cushions. It reminds me of the library furniture from college.

More chalkboard, on top of a table with the sweetest bent plywood chairs.

Chalkboard is the new black.

Cool industrial bookshelves, with casters for the added danger factor.

Lots of room for crayons.

Even Legos look classy under glass.

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