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Well, thank god that’s done… our porch is all put back together and looking lovely! Tony painted the floor a beautiful sea green.

Another project finished: shades in the tv room. Unbleached sheer hanky-weight linen and twenty (!) yards of grosgrain ribbon on spring rods. And you can’t even tell that the seams are not perfectly straight…..

Also in the finished category: all the wallpaper glue is now officially scrubbed from the Library walls. We are rounding the clubhouse turn on this project, with the hardest part pretty much behind us. We spent some time measuring our furniture to figure out what we’ll have in the Library and what we’ll have in the Parlor… the only other thing that really needs to be decided is window coverings. I’m tempted to make four more shades like the ones shown above, but those windows face the street, so part of me thinks they should be fully covered. Especially in the room where the tv will eventually be… I think it’s tacky to look in a window and see someone’s tv.

Last week my sister’s husband was called to fill in as an umpire for our local Triple-A team, so we spent a few nights out at the park watching him work. Both kids were completely enchanted with the fact that Uncle Nate is an “empire.” Of course Anthony loves baseball anyway, and I’ll never pass up a chance to go out to Slugger Field either, but the weather has been gorgeous so it was a whole lot of fun.

{nate in action behind the plate. i think that’s homer bailey pitching.}

{back in my day, cotton candy only came in pink. those were simpler times.}

Nate tossed Rosie a ball after the game was over. Anthony has been carrying it around calling it “nate-ball” and taking it to bed with him at night. Have I mentioned how much he loves baseball?

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