So we’re finally back from vacation, having learned a few very valuable lessons:

1. Rosie likes rides that go very high and very fast. When we go to Disneyworld later this year, Space Mountain is a go!

2. Anthony does not like rides that spin around extremely fast. When we go to Disneyworld later this year, the Teacups are a no!

3. Without the benefit of a nap, and up hours past his bedtime, Anthony will lose his shit and holler “BOOBY!” in a nice restaurant. This is very embarrassing.

MOVING ON. Bright and early Monday morning, our porch renovation began. The columns were removed, and the rotting floor torn up. Unfortunately (although not surprisingly) the joists and other structures below had also rotted, so today they are being removed and rebuilt. If all goes well with that, the new floor should probably go in later this week.

The house looks kind of funny with no columns out front, like a kid who’s missing her front teeth.

The six roses I planted two weeks ago are leafing out beautifully, all but one, who is kind of inching along. This week we are finally done travelling and it’s not so soul-crushingly hot, so I should be able to put in all the rest of my new plants. I’ve got purple coneflower, daisies, black-eyed susans, pink and yellow coreopsis, chamomile and verbena all waiting patiently, under Rosie’s watchful eye.