It has been such a cool spring so far, and I know it won’t be any time at all before it starts getting incredibly hot, but for now I love having to bring a sweater or hoodie along when I go outside. I dread hot weather. If it never got above maybe 75 degrees, I would be happy forever. This unidentifiable old rose lives in the very back of the yard, in the most unlikely spot. I’ve never watered or fed it, but it seems to thrive on neglect. My favorite type of garden plant.

I was so sad to leave my little rose garden behind when we sold our first house. I had planted four or five beautiful english roses and especially loved the big yellow one that consumed one whole side of our deck. When we moved in here Tony bought me this little yellow climber and we planted it by our garden shed. It hasn’t done as well with neglect, the poor thing. I bought two of the same giant yellow rose this spring and will put them in up front… he doesn’t mind a little shade and was at least ten feet wide and ten feet tall, blooming constantly until Thanksgiving. I also bought six pink climbers for the side of the house. Hopefully the rain is over for now and I can plant them over the holiday weekend.

The kids are enjoying the mild weather also. A has a natural affinity for baseball and R loves to swing as high as possible.

I love that t-shirt he’s wearing; it has a steamroller on it, and whenever he wears it, Rosie sings to him, “I’m a steamroller, baby, gonna rooooolll all over yooou!” I have no idea where she picked that up. Anyway, the shirt is also the exact same color as his eyes, weirdly enough.

I’m trying to shield Rosie from as much awful tween-preteen pop culture as possible (Hannah Montana is persona non grata here), but occasionally she will pick up the odd slang or pop reference and file it away in her brain and then POP! lay it on me in an unexpected moment and I’ll laugh until I choke. The other night she was getting ready for bed and said to me, “Hey girlfriend! What are you wearing to Europe? Are you ready to kick it??”  I think she may have gotten that from the movie “Enchanted?” Who knows.

They are always so happy to see each other and (mostly) play so well together. I know I have to take a lot of pictures to remember these times so that when they are older and are all “he looked at meeee!” “she touched meeee!” “MOOOOM!” I can look back and remember how nice it used to be. And I can show them the pictures and say, “Look! You used to hug each other! Without biting!”