So, it wasn’t an airplane taking off, or a tree falling on the house, or Rosemarie jumping out of bed and running around her room. It was an earthquake, this morning at about 5:30. Tony and I were both already mostly awake and when it started we exchanged this conversation: Me: “Humph?” Tony: “Wha?” Me:”Is that?” Tony: “EARTHQUAKE! GET THE KIDS!” So we flew out of bed and ran upstairs to grab the little people, and I think by that time it was over. The shaking lasted a little less than a minute, I guess. What are you really supposed to do in an earthquake, go outside? I’m not sure, but that’s what I did. We are all okay, no damage anywhere that we can tell right away. (Damn! Why couldn’t it have demolished the kitchen??) A letter organizer fell of the desk upstairs, but I think that’s all. It seems like the only damage in the city so far has been part of the facade fell off an older building downtown, maybe two miles from here. It seems like everyone is waking up and going on with the day. It was a very weird, very shaky, feeling. Apparently a 5.4 on the Richter.

Erin and I are taking off work today to take Marie and Anthony to the zoo, the weather has been phenomenal. More updates and pictures later.