Don’t you love fireworks? They make me feel like a little kid. So shiny! So sparkly! Saturday was the biggest fireworks display in the US, held every year to kick off the Kentucky Derby Festival, Thunder Over Louisville. Thirty solid minutes of purty sparkly stuff blowing up, set to music. Thunder is pretty much one of my favorite holidays. There is an air show all day with military jets and the little tumbly aerobatic planes, and then the fireworks after dark. We didn’t go this year, because unfortunately the weather was horrible–cold and rainy. Shlepping two kids downtown with a few hundred thousand other people in the cold gray rain? Yeah, I’ll pass. We won’t even talk about the traffic. Apparently we were not the only ones who had the idea because the crowd was way below normal at only 350,000 people. I tried to keep Rosie up so she could watch it on TV with me, but by the time the two astronauts at the International Space Station did the countdown to launch, she was snoring. The fireworks were fabulous, as always, and now we’re only three weeks away from Derby. My other favorite holiday.