Summary of Easter weekend events:

Cardinals beat Boise in first round game Friday: good!

First round game tipped off at 9:40, otherwise known to me as, The Middle of the Night: bad!

Tony’s truck died as we attempted to make the Saturday afternoon Easter service at church: very bad.

Killed time between services dyeing Easter eggs: kind of scary.

Avoided permanent dye stains on church clothes: miraculous.

Linda picked us up for the 5:00 pm service (wonderful!) later on and treated us to dinner and pie: good!

We missed the end of the WVU-Duke game: bad, but yay Eers!

The Easter bunny came and left lots of treats: good!

The chirrens would rather eat Easter treats than actual food: bad.

Sun came out in time for us to photograph the kiddos in their sweet Easter duds: good!

It was only forty degrees and our noses ran all over our sweet Easter duds: bad.

And then it snowed two hours later: crazy-making.

But before that we walked to my mom’s house for a combo Easter/birthday feast: exceptionally good!

Boy child inhaled several servings of my mom’s homemade pickled beets: curious.

Girl child picked at the macaroni and cheese and ate a mayonnaise and white bread sandwich: no kidding.

After dinner the Cards put a hurt on Oklahoma to advance to the Sweet Sixteen: super good!

Which also features our other team, the Mountaineers: double good!

Cardinal’s Sweet Sixteen game against UT tips off at 9:57. ON A WEEKNIGHT: @##*&$(*!

Mechanic says Tony’s car issue is just a battery something-something with the connection thingies and is easily fixed: yet another miracle.