Well, spring finally arrived. For a minute anyway. As the snow melts, we were treated to a few days of high temps and bright sun. Gray and rainy for the weekend, but hopefully the warm weather will stay.

We’ve had a few meetings with the contractor and kitchen designer, and OH my head is swimming. We’ve gone from putting in new cabinets to gutting the whole thing to the studs. The most attractive option is of course the messiest and most expensive. Next week we’ll see the drawings the kitchen designer has come up with and go from there. He called me this morning and said, what if we rip out that chimney that butts into the room and fill the back wall with windows?? I immediately called the contractor and said, “I’M SCARED.”

A few shots of the kids playing outside this week. In the photo of Anthony, that is the back of the house there. The kitchen designer is proposing adding windows all across the back. How beautiful it would be… facing west and looking out across our yard. Sigh….