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This is always the longest time of the year… the stretch after the holidays are over until the weather gets nice is just dullsville. After a short break, we’re back on track with our renovations.

On Sunday Tony and I stripped the top layer of wallpaper in the dining room. It took less than an hour, and we made an interesting discovery: apparently there was at one time a door leading from the dining room into the room behind it, which is now the master bedroom. We suspected there used to be a door between the two rooms, because of some awkward seams in the baseboards, and it turns out we were right! We think the master bedroom may have once been the kitchen, but we really aren’t sure. The doorway was closed with drywall, at the same time the vomitous green wallpaper went up. We’re guessing that was late sixties, maybe early seventies. Before 1978, is all we can say for sure. We also found that under the green, and under the blue wallpaper, was an adorable light pink wallpaper with airy white Queen Anne’s Lace blooms all over. A pink dining room, could you get cuter than that? I wish I had the nerve!

Last week we also met with a kitchen planner to get an initial estimate on new cabinets. Color me excited! I am more than ready to say farewell to the 1980s horror show of cheap tacky cheapness that is our current kitchen. Our initial plans include quartersawn oak cabinets, light counters, and switching the sink from the wall to under the window. I think it’s safe to say that everything in that plan is subject to change! All I can guarantee is there will be nothing beige, nothing rustic, no earth tones. Just clean, classic and new. We expect to hear back from him by the middle of this week.

Picture time! Click any image to enlarge. Let’s start with a “before” shot of the dining room, taken from the entrance hall facing in to the left. That small door is a closet.

A mere 45 minutes later, and goodbye green wallpaper! The white patch is the primed drywall where the door used to be.

Tony wanted to make sure I got a picture of him during the work, so we can look back years from now and admire how youthful we once were, and how dark our hair used to be. So I snapped this quick one. Please note ghostly orb above the drywall patch. Hopefully whoever that is approves of the work we are doing.

The pink wallpaper, hidden underneath the gross green and blue layers.

One final announcement: Anthony has joined the Lollipop Guild and would like to welcome you all to Munchkin Land.


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