The painters finished up on Friday, and I’m beyond thrilled. The entrance hall is next. Almost all of the paper is stripped in there already. The walls need to be scrubbed clean, and some pretty bad holes need to be repaired. Then we’ll add the picture rail, although I lay in bed last night wondering how we were going to fit the picture rail in around the weird little slanty thingy in the ceiling…. anyhoo. I’ll get a new shade for the hall light to match the Colonial Revival-ness of the house, and replace the tacky 1980s shade that the previous owners put in. Then we’ll give the dining room the same treatment: strip, scrub, patch, paint.

We hope to have everything done before the end of February. And by everything, we mean rugs down, furniture moved, windows covered, new lighting, art hung… everything.

I am so looking forward to starting the new year in our new rooms! Happy New Year everybody!